Who we are

Francom Finance provides clients with fully integrated financial solutions that are consistent with a client’s personal or business goals. Francom Finance offer a range of financial products, with responsible access to funds we provide financial solutions tailored specifically for each client’s requirements and objectives through our streamed-line process.

Francom Finance focuses on developing strategies that will help clients grow, protect and sustain their wealth. We provide alternative options to lending for most small and medium-sized business. Francom Finance works closely with its closely with its clients to understand their business’s borrowing capacity and provide suitable repayment solutions that take into consideration the clients needs and cash flow.

Who we service

Francom Finance have helped a range of clients through our private financing solutions. We find private lending works great with:

  • Construction Finance
  • Buy a new Home
  • Property Development
  • Business expansion
  • Refinancing an existing loan
  • Land acquisition for both private and commercial
  • Business LC for ongoing support
  • Business Acquisitions

Private Lending


Our tailored private lending solutions ensures we’re able to service almost all funding types across a broad range of industries. Having serviced many businesses in need of Francom Finance private funds who have struggled with finance from traditional lenders due to bad credit which can be devastating to a  business in urgent need of funds.

  • Swift decision-making process
  • Quick Loan Turnaround
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Funds are more accessible
  • Fewer requirements compared to extensive bank requirements which expect you to have excellent credit, Collateral, strong payment history and proof of income which are all factors when a bank turns you away
  • Customisable Loan terms
  • More personalised experience